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Balmain Hair: over 40 years of professional experience

As part of the Balmain Paris fashion label, Balmain Hair has over 40 years of heritage in combining hair essentials with the latest catwalk trends. The collections are inspired by backstage secrets and mirror all a woman needs to create the ultimate catwalk inspired look.

Over these 40 years, Balmain Hair established its legitimacy in the field of luxury. We pay meticulous attention to detail and perfection, and are always researching and creating new application techniques to guarantee the best quality products, while always respecting our proud and rich heritage.

All collections consist of a small but complete line of only best selling products. Our design, manufacture and retail teams continuously raise the bar for excellence in our products. The long term vision based on heritage, creativity and innovation drives the success of Balmain Hair and ensures its promising future.

The Balmain Paris fashion house, founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain was well known for its feminine, elegant style. Nowadays Balmain Paris is renowned for its edgy and sexy looks. In 2011 Olivier Rousteing stepped on board where his collection contains the Balmain-signature look with a highly appreciated twist.

1974 – Pierre Balmain recognized the importance of hair-design as an essential part of ladies’ appearance and personality. The Dutch entrepreneur in the hairdresser’s market, Mr. Dick Guliker, was awarded to represent the label’s Hair Collection.

2004 – Worldwide patent on DoubleHair; an exclusive weft extension system developed by Balmain Hair Couture.

2011 – In 2014, after many golden years, founder Dick Guliker transferred the business to his sons, Steward and Richard Guliker, who now manage the Balmain Hair business.

2013 – Launch Care & Styling for Hair Couture.

2014 – Start Shop-in-Shop’s in high end retail environments all over the world.

2016 – Launch Prestige Salon Concept

Ethical Guarantee:

Balmain Hair Extensions has the following code of conduct regarding their supply source, ethical policy and moral belief.


Within this range, Balmain supplies 100% human Hair Extensions. Human Hair is sourced exclusively in China and is gathered from a long established supplier network in China. These suppliers have been collecting and providing hair to Balmain Hair for over 40 years. The hair is then processed in China by Balmain Hair to achieve the high quality product for use in Extensions. The sourcing and control is entirely in the hands of Balmain Hair, we can guarantee the source and the quality of the human hair used. In fact Balmain is the only Hair Extensions that carry a 6 months quality guarantee.

Ethical and Moral Issue

Balmain Hair have enjoyed long standing business agreements with suppliers in China for many, many years. We have mutually established agreements with the same suppliers and in many cases the supply chains are multi-generational. This means that we have been dealing with the same family members for several generations and these relationships are based on trust and respect.


Occasional wear gives you opportunities to be as flexible and creative with your own style as desired. With easy application, you can transform your look in minutes.

The catwalk ponytail is the best way to create a catwalk worthy ponytail with ultimate length (55 cm) and volume in less then one minute.

The Catwalk Ponytail, developed by backstage stylists, can be considered as the ultimate backstage secret. The amazing ultra long ponytail has been spotted on the runway numerous of times and is one of the biggest hair trends of the year! This is the must have hairpiece to create a natural looking ponytail, made of 100% Memory®Hair, for a quick, easy and fashionable hairdo in less than 1 minute.

• Memory®Hair
• Invisible integration
• Easy to straighten and curl (max. 160ºC/320ºF)

Also available in Dip-dye Pastel shades
Length available: 55cm

This hairpiece, made of 100% Human Hair, is easy to apply without damaging the natural hair. The transparent strand rests on the head, not on the hair and holds the hairpiece perfectly in place without the risk of slipping out. The Hair Dress contains multiple wefts, including one patented Soft Blend Edge for perfect integration.

The Hair Dress Ombre colors can be worn on both sides, a sunrise side with a lighter shade and a sunset side with a slightly darker shade.

• 100% Human Hair
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare

Lengths available: 25 – 40 – 55cm
Human hair


Perfect for Special Occasions, Celebrations, Weddings or long awaited Holiday.

If you are forever wanting to change your looks without committing to one style, these Systeme are suited for you.

Easy Volume Tape & Silk Tape are reusable pre-taped additions made of the highest quality Silk Protein infused 100% Human Hair. The ultra-flat application ensures perfect hair distribution and comfortable wearing. The 2.8 cm wide tapes are easy to apply and provide an instant result. Perfect for volume and colour (high or lowlight) treatments.

• 100% Human Hair
• Super flat and easy application
• Reusable application : 2-4 weeks
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare

Lengths available: 40 – 55cm
Easy volume (20pcs)
Silk tape (10pcs)

The DoubleHair and DoubleHair Silk is a patented, reusable weft system made of the highest quality 100% Human or Silk Protein infused 100% Human Hair.

Each weft contains layers of hair which allow you to create instant volume and length with a minimum number of applications. To ensure invisible integration and comfortable wearing, the wefts are fastened under a layer of additional hair with either clips, rings.

• 100% Human Hair wefts
• Reusable application: 4-6 weeks
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain Professional aftercare

Lengths available: 40 – 55 – 60cm.


Instant, long lasting transformations on all hair lengths.

Applications cover all hair concerns and desires from: risk free colour, thicker fuller hair, volume in minutes, longer length and help disguise any imperfections.

Système Volume is an exclusive, super-fast system patented by Balmain Hair Couture for selective salons only. The revolutionary system is five times faster than traditional bonding systems and offers two different hair types for perfect integration; Normal Hair and Fine Hair.

The revolutionary technology places 5 pre bonded 100% Human Hair additions in just 40 seconds. The high-tech and ergonomic applicator and positioners follows the shape of the head and ensures accurate and comfortable positioning. The oval silk bonds with specially designed flat backside allow for comfortable wearing and a more natural hair distribution.

Hair and silk proteins are almost identical and therefore the perfect natural match.

Balmain Hair Couture offers a unique 6 months quality guarantee on all 100% Human Hair when using the Balmain Hair Care Range

Lengths available: 25 – 40 – 60cm.